Budi Frensidy is a Lektor Kepala (Associate Professor) at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (FEB-UI), a Chartered Accountant (CA) or a registered accountant (Ak. D-9100 and RNA 12915), and has been certified as a lecturer since 2008. He enrolled in the Mathematics Department, UI in 1983-1985, Accounting Department, UI in 1985-1990, Graduate Course in Accounting and Information Systems at Temple University, Philadelphia-USA in September-December 1991, the School of Finance at the University of New South Wales, Sydney-Australia in 1997-1998, and the Doctorate Program in Finance, FEUI 2006-2012.

Since 1999, he has worked as a lecturer at FEUI. He worked as the Office Manager and Coordinator of Graduate Programs (Master and Doctorate) in Economics and Management Studies (1999-2003), as the Deputy Head of the Accountancy Profession Program (PPAk) from 2003 to 2006, as the Head of the Extension Program in Accounting (2006-2009), as the Deputy Head of Accounting Department (2009-2013), and as a member of FEB-UI Academic Senate (2017-2022).

Currently, he teaches several courses including Financial Mathematics, Quantitative Methods, Mathematics for Economics, Capital Market (Investment Management), Advanced & Basic Corporate Finance, Managerial Economics, Behavioral Finance, International Finance, and Financial Statement Analysis in undergraduate and graduate programs and preparatory courses in CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CSA (Certified Securities Analyst), and CWM (Certified Wealth Manager) in FEB-UI, Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia, Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi - Pasar Modal (LSP-PM), Pusat Pengembangan Akuntansi (PPA) FEB-UI, Lembaga Management (LM) FEB-UI, and TICMI.

He has passed some professional certification exams such as CSA, CFP, CWM, CRP (Certified Risk Professional), CIB (Certified Investment Banker), CACP (Certification in Audit Committee Practices), CFA Level 1 & 2, and Associate CPA. He has written several books on mathematics of finance namely Matematika Keuangan 4th edition, Kumpulan Soal dan Jawaban Matematika Keuangan 2nd edition, and Financial Mathematics. His other books are Investments: an Indonesian Adaptation, Fundamental Methods of Mathematics for Business and Economics: an Indonesian Adaptation, Cerdas Menghadapi Trik Bank, Lihai sebagai Investor, and Gesit dan Taktis di Pasar Modal Berbekal Behavioral Finance. His book on Matematika Keuangan has been awarded as one of the best university textbooks from the Department of Accounting, FEUI (2009), from Universitas Indonesia (2010), and from Dikti-Depdiknas RI (2008).

He is currently a regular columnist in prestigious and nationwide business daily Kontan (Wake-Up Call Rubric since 2009), and previously in Sindo (Financial Mathematics Column), Bisnis Indonesia (Investment Column and Fund Column), and professional magazine Akuntan Indonesia (Capital Market Column). More than 600 articles have been written in these columns and in other national newspapers/magazines, nationally-accredited and international journals, and proceedings of national & international seminars/conferences since 2006. His research interests are financial mathematics, capital market, and behavioral finance.

Furthermore, he is an investment advisor, independent commissioner, audit committee member, and risk oversight committee member at several corporations. He is also a consultant and a resource person at PT Djarum, Perum Jamkrindo, Bank Indonesia, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), and Financial Services Authority (OJK). For community services, Budi is one of the assessors of BAN-PT for S1, S2, and S3 programs in Accounting and has visited more than 120 universities from Sabang (Aceh) to Jayapura (Papua) since 2002.