Dr. Drs. Chotib, M.Si.

Fakultas Ekonomi
Ilmu Ekonomi, Geografi, Kajian Kependudukan dan Ketenagaan Kerja



Currently works in the Demographic Insititute, Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia as a Researcher.  He is also a lecturer in the Faculty of Economis University of Indonesia. He graduated from the Department of Geography, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 1991, and received his master degree from the Program for the Study of Population and Labour University of Indonesia in 1998.  Since 2009, he has been studying urban sociology in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences University of Indonesia.

His research ares are migration and urbanization, urban and regional economics, population projection, labour economics, formal demography, population and sustainable development.   The most recent research was titled : “Development of Spatial Pattern of Underdeveloped Villages by District in Java Before and After Regional Autonomy: Panel Data Analysis on PODES 2000, 2003 and 2006”.  This research was funded by ‘Hibah Strategis National’ Scheme in 2009 from the Ministry of National Education