Dra. Hertati, M.Si

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik


Born in Jakarta on May 6th 1972, Hertati Suandi gained her Bachelor Degree from Sociology Department, University of Indonesia in 1996. She obtained her master degree from postgraduate program at University of Indonesia by majoring in Demography in 2000. Hertati started her career in University of Indonesia by helping the senior lecturer and since 2005 she thought introduction to Sociology, Indonesian Social System, Social Statistic, and Social Research Method.

Hertati has actively involved in research activity since 1992. She became the interviewer at that time in  conducting a research about "Partisipasi RW di DKI Jakarta", Sociology Laboratory, Faculty of social and political science UI. In 1994-1995, she involved in researching on   "Program Peningkatan Kemampuan dan Keterampilan Aparat Kelurahan dan Kecamatan di DKI Jakarta",  as a member of research proposal maker, research secretary, coordinator on quantitative research, and vice coordinator and observer focus group discussion. In the  same periode she also conducted a reseach on processing the data in an activity of data control

Not only active in reseach activity, Hertati also joined some oraganizations such as The head of Sociology Journal Secretary in sociology laboratory Faculty of Social and  Political Science University of Indonesia