Dr. Ir. Husain Heriyanto, M.Hum

Program Pascasarjana
Kajian Ilmu Lingkungan



Husain Heriyanto completed his BA program in agro-industry department at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) and then graduated his MA degree in philosophy from University of Indonesia. His thesis research was published with the title Holistic Paradigm: Dialogueof Philosophy, Science and Life; In Reference to Mullla Sadra and Whitehead (Mizan, Jakarta, 2003) and he completed his PhD program in philosophy from University of Indonesia with putting forward a new school of thought inphilosophy, i.e., Toward An Ecological Existential Realism based on Mulla Sadra's Theory of Perception (2013).

He has taught logic, epistemology,philosophy of science, introduction to philosophy, history of philosophy andscience, environmental philosophy and ethics at a few departments of University Indonesia, Paramadina University, and the Islamic College for Advanced Studies (ICAS) Jakarta. He established a research center, the Avicenna Center for Religion and Science Studies (ACRoSS). Engaging in religion-science relation issues, he delivered a couple of scientific speeches at a series of national workshops on Discourse of Relationship between Religion and Science in Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Malang and Padang, which was organized by The Center forReligious and Cross-cultural Studies, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, from June to August 2003.

Since 2003 he has been teaching Environmental Philosophy (Filsafat Lingkungan) at Postgraduate Program of Environmental Studies, University Indonesia.  In cooperation with the Conservation International-Indonesia, he published a book entitled Menanam Sebelum Kiamat: Islam, Ekologi dan Gerakan Lingkungan Hidup (Yayasan Obor Indonesia, Jakarta, 2007). He also established RGGI (Raindrops Group for Green Indonesia). Since 2013, as a senior researcher of SadraInternational Institute, he is in charge of chairing a center for Islamichumanities under the name “IC-THuSI†(International Conference – Thoughts onHuman Sciences in Islam).