Iwan Sugiharto, M.Si



I was born in Purworejo, located in central java (java island), one of the old cities in Indonesia.I then growth up in Serang and obtained well education in the crowded city of Jakarta (Physics Dept, University of Indonesia).I was educated by my parent to be person who has broad horizon and humble. My international experiences come through since I got opportunity for study at postgraduate diploma programme Condensed Matter Physics the Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste-Italy.Now I am pursuing PhD degree at EEE NTU, Singapore. I have dream to be writer in national newspaper, education observer, good teacher, and researcher.To date, instead of student in postgraduate programme, I also have small bussines for actualizing my dream to be person who can stand up by own self. Anyone who interested in, I welcome you :-) Among of my hobbies, I like reading biographs of famous person and get lesson from my experience as well. I wonder to improve my self behaviour and be a positive for facing any problems. Recently, I am practising to be a commit person who keep in match of speechs, behaviours, and idealism. Surely, those are needed hard sacrifices further complemented by honestly as well.