Hafid Setiadi born in Jakarta 17 June 1971. Spending time since Kindergarten until high school in Jakarta. After graduated from Negeri 8 Senior High in 1990, I became student at UI in Undergraduate program of Geography.In 1995, I graduated and not long after that worked as assistant researcher at the Research Center for Science and Technology (PPST) Research Center UI especially in the field of area development research. When UI established partnership board since about 1998, They have entrusted me as programme development staff. At the same year, I actively worked as lecturer assistant in the division (now department) Geography Faculty MIPA UI in the subject of Industry Geography, area and city planning, and city geography.  In 2000, I continued study graduate programme in Planology ITB and obtained master degree of area planning two years later. Since worked as lecturer in Department of Geography Faculty MIPA UI, I have the opportunity to manage administration and management works, as Programme development Coordinator (2001-2002), Coordinator of Student (2002 - 2004), and Secretary of Geography Department  (2004 - 2007).  Currently, I have been given responsibility as the Leader of Interests (Research Group) Area Development at the Department of Geography Faculty MIPA UI and head of Research, Consultation and Publication division in Center for Applied Geography Research  (PPGT).