Deni Danial Kesa, S. Sos., MBA., PhD began his first career as a teaching assistant at Jenderal Soedirman State University in 1999-2000. Graduated in 2000 to try a new career as an Announcer and Reporter at RGMFM 105.45 FM until 2002. It turned out that the world of education was one of his vocations, besides running a family-owned agro fishery business, Deni continued to carry out his obligations as an educational staff in a remote area in Tasikmalaya as Vice Principal of Yappinda Vocational School from 2003-2006.

In 2006 his lecturer career began when he continued his studies in communication at Indonesian universities, began his career as an Extraordinary Lecturer at FISIP UI and several private universities in Jakarta, in 2007 with an offer from the Taiwanese government, Deni continued his Masters in Business Administration at Ching Yun University Taiwan, the scholarship opportunity was given from representatives of the Republic of China (Taiwan) through a fairly rigorous selection.

Deni joined the Vocational Program in 2010, at the end of 2010 with the selection finally the Taiwan scholarship was won again and then completed his S3 at the College of Business for Doctoral program at Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan, through a dissertation entitled "Competitive Advantage and banks performance: an application of e-banking on Indonesian Banks "with promoter Prof. Cheng-Wen Lee and the board of examiners chaired by Prof. Ching-Lung Tsay, declared graduating cum laude in 2013.

Throughout his career, the man who was born in Tasikmalaya, July 14, 1976 has published 6 scientific journals, both national and international journals. Deni has also participated in various Symposiums, Seminars and Activities both domestically and abroad. Research conducted on e-channel marketing, political branding through the internet, branchless banking in the banking system, as well as service-based marketing and e-corporate responsibility. In his research, Deni revealed that one of the emphases in the banking world, e-banking became a quite promising thing, as well as a threat to the availability of professional resources in the banking sector, through supervision and implementation of the home banking security system, the banking service system can be done anytime and anywhere. Revenue or profit of a bank that uses e-channel marketing does not necessarily become a major factor, but in this way, there are two values ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be obtained namely brand awareness and expanding rate.

As a person who is close to Deni students, he loves travelling and doing activities together with his students, capturing activities with cameras and making short documentary films made entertainment on the sidelines of carrying out his duties as Research Manager, Student Affairs and Alumni of the Vocational Program of the University of Indonesia. In addition to teaching, and dedicating themselves to campus activities, activities in professional associations are also pursued such as the ties of the Indonesian Lecture Association (ADI) , Indonesian banker (IBI) and members of the risk management certification body (BSMR).