MT (Master of Engineering) Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
Electrical Engineering, January 2009

M.Sc. University of Duisburg Essen, Germany
Computer Engineering, September 2008

ST (Bachelor of Engineering) Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia
Electrical Engineering, February 2006

Principal Investigator
• Human emotion recognition system using EEG, 2014-now
• Wireless Electrocardiograph Monitoring System, 2013
• Interactive Video System for Preserving Indonesia Cultural Heritage using HTML5, 2013
• Development of Air Pollution Warning System for Closed Parking Area Using FPGA, 2012
•Performance Optimization of SIMPLE-ON using Generalized Latent Semantic Analysis, 2013 – now.
•Tsunami Detection Based on Infrasonic Wave using Hidden Markov Technique, 2013 – now.
•Development of Open source based Software for Acquisition, Visualization, and Analysis Ultrasonography (USG) Image, 2010.
•Development of Prototype of an Affordable Fish Determinant and Caller Tool and Easy Operation by Fishermen, 2009.
•Contribution towards an EU-ASEAN Credit Transfer System leading to Implementation of Student Mobility and Joint-Award Degree Programs in Engineering Education, EU ASIA-LINK Projects, Collaboration between University of Duisburg Essen, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, University of Parma, and Universitas Indonesia, 2006 -2009.