Revi Hernina was born in Jakarta on December 4, 1976. She graduated from 50 Senior High School East Jakarta, completed her undergraduate education at the Department of Geography FMIPA - UI in 2002. Her interest in the development of technology remote sensing began by becoming a Lecturer Assistant of remote sensing and digital image interpretation in year 2002. She completed her master degree in the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics in the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology and graduated in ITB Thesis in 2008 under the title Analysis of Urban Heat Island using image Satellite (Area A case study Bekasi West Java). Some courses and workshops have been followed such as: Training Potential and Application of Microwave Remote Sensing of 2004, Workshop on Modis and Hypperspectral Data Analysis & Application in 2005, and Determination of Potential Fishing Zone (ZPPI) Year 2008. Some publication images data processing and Geographic Information System have been used for practical work and training in the Department of Geography FMIPA UI-such as Digital Image Processing Using ER Mapper 6.4, Introduction to Software ILWIS, Satellite Image Processing Using the software ILWIS 3.5. She can be contacted via email