Born and raised in Jakarta. He graduated in 1997 and work in Jakarta for 2 years then for the  last decade work him at UI Depok. He began to focus as a geograf towards the end of his final task on 2005. Especially after coming home from a trip from Sulawesi.

His research for final assignment bachelor degree is in Madura and for his master’s in Jakarta. His first time to go out from java island is to Celebes namely Central Celebes, Gorontalo and North Celebes also North Moluccas.

He once lived in West Borneo (Pontianak dan Sintang and  Nagapinoh city) for six months and in Surabaya for almost six months.

Some areas that he had visited in Java and Madura island are Malang, Trenggalek, Madiun, Surabaya, Pasuruan,  Bangakalan up to Sumenep (south coast Madura) in East Java.

In Central Java are Solo, Sukaharjo, Karanganyar, Temanggung, Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, Magelang, Tegal, Kebumen, Gombong, Cilacap, Pekalongan and Pemalang.  

In Yogyakarta are Jogya, Kaliurang ( district Sleman), Wonosari, Gunung Kidul.

In West Java are Sukabumi, Bogor, Bandung, Sumedang, Tasik, Cirebon, Purwakarta, Karawang and Bekasi.

In province Banten are in district Lebak, Tangerang, Serang, Pandeglang