Raditya Iswandana, S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt.

Fakultas Farmasi


Raditya Iswandana is a lecturer and researcher at Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Indonesia since 2012. He graduated from undergraduate program Department of Pharmacy, Universitas Indonesia in 2009 with a final project entitled “In Vitro Penetration Ability and Physical Stability Testing of Cream, Ointment, and Gel Containing Curcumin from Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)”. After that, he continued a professional degree and hold a Pharmacist license in 2010 (graduate with honor - cum laude). In 2012, he got (with honor - summa cum laude) his Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Science) from Department of Pharmacy, Universitas Indonesia with a thesis entitled “Preparation of Verapamil Hydrochloride Nanogel Using Ionic Gelation Method between Chitosan-Sodium Tripolyphosphate as Antihypertension Dosage Form”. In 2019, he finished his Ph.D. from University of Groningen, The Netherlands with a dissertation: "Exploring the Regional Characteristics of Intestinal Drug Metabolism and Fibrogenesis". In addition, he also actives in various organizations and appointed as editorial board or reviewer of some journals, both national and international. The focus of his research is in the treatment of intestinal fibrosis, colon-targeted drug delivery system, and natural products.

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