Dra. Ratna Saraswati, M.S.

Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam


Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.


Ratna Saraswati was born in Jakarta, January 23, 1958. In 1983, She successfully completed her S1 studies at  FMIPA UI Department of Geography. In 1992, she successfully achieved a Master's degree in Environmental Science PPS PS UI. Some who had attended training including Qualitative Research Methods Training, PUSKA UI in 1993. In the year 1997, she has attended training on Digital CCRS Analysis in Canada. In the year 1998, she attended training on Potential of Radar Technology for Forestry Application, BPPT, and in 2006 she had followed the Academic Writing, the Language Service Center (PPB) FIB UI. Several studies she had committed them, in the year 2002 she has made research on the structure of the City of Depok and its impact on environmental quality. In 2005 she also had to make research on the use of imagery for monitoring areas in the region woke up there and its influence on the function there in Depok. Then research on Balohan Urban Development Studies, Sabang, in cooperation Satker BRR, Aceh, she did in the year of  2006. Ratna had a couple of times a speaker or send a paper out of the country, including in 1998 she had been a speaker in the Application Development Research Opportunity (ADRO) Final Symposium in Montreal, Canada. In the year 2001, she had been a speaker in The 20th International Cartographic Conference (ICC), in Beijing, China. And in 2004, she had sent a paper at the 30th International Geographical Congress in Glasgow, United Kingdom. In Geography Department, Ratna mandated teaching some of Subject, including Image Interpretation Dijital, Economic Geography, and Regional geomorphology of Indonesia. Ratna can be in contact via email at ratnasaraswati@yahoo.co.uk