Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Rosari Saleh

Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
Fisika, PAU


Prof. Dr. Rosary rer.nat Saleh, is the only professor in the Department of Physics, University of Indonesia FMIPA. She earned her doctorate Fahrbereich Physik Philipps Universitaet Marburg, Germany. Currently she is doing some research on nanoparticles.

In her research, Prof.. Dr. Rosary rer.nat Saleh looking for ways to improve manufacturing efficiency or sollar Photovoltaic cells (PV) based on the second generation a few studies have reached a level high enough efficiency. The material used in this study is amorphous silicon and its alloys, microcrystall ine, and pollycrystall ine using laser crystalization method. Her research was conducted with a number of students in the faculty of Mathematics, University of Indonesia.

Professor Dr. Rosary Saleh rer.nat known to be very close to the students, even students call him by Prof. calls Ocha, something rarely done in the campus in Indonesia that is usually uphold the hierarchy.

One thing that distinguishes a lecturer with other researchers generally concern the popularization and application of simple physics. According to physics is a common thing around us. According to public perception has been distorted by the notion that physics is difficult. As a result very few children who are interested in physics, let alone to have become a physicist.

During popularize this new physics through the Physics Olympiad and Physics Olympiad Team Indonesia (TOFI) which digawangi by Prof. Dr. Yohannes Surya. That is a good step. But Prof. Ocha see that physics could be promoted again, and not just for the people who gifted.

As a realization of the actual implementation of her vision, Prof. Ocha took some coaching students on campus and several students from other campuses who are interested to popularize physics formed an organization called Cat Physics. This organization has been running two years and get a member of the berbabagai, from elementary school children to professionals.

Even the cat has developed a website Physics om that until now it has hit at around 100 thousand. We have a non-profit organization is currently formulating action plan to show to schools.