Dra. Siti Hidayati Amal, M.A.



Dra. Siti Hidayati Amal, M.A


            Dra. Siti Hidayati Amal, M.A was born in Probolinggo, 17 May, 1945. She graduated in Sociology from University of Indonesia in 1974. Her thesis entitled: Motivation and Continuation of Family Planning Acceptor of Serpong District, Tangerang, West Java. Then in 1990 she obtained her master degree from University of Ussex, UK. by writing thesis titled: Rural Women and Migration In Java. She was lecturer at Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, Departement of  Sociolgy, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Indonesia, 1975 till now. Besides her teching activity she was participate in some organization,  for example: Women’s NGO’s Communication Forum, Indonesian Sociological Association, DKI Jakarta.  Mrs Siti Hidayati Amal.  also known as researcher and consultant, especially in gender problems.

There are some of her published writing :

  1. Meneropong Realitas Kesetaraan Jender Indonesia (Observing Gender Equality in Indonesia) in Aspirasi (Ternate Weekly News Tabloid), 28th edition year 1, July 10-16, 2003;

2.      Family Planning and Women’s Lives: A Synthesis of Finding from the Womens’s Studies Project, as co-author, in ANke Niehof and Firman Lubis (ed) Two is Enough: Family Planning in Indonesia Under the New Order 1968-1998, Leiden: KITLV, 2003;

3.      Menelusuri Jejak Kehidupan Keturunan Arab-Jawa di Luar Tembok Keraton Jogjakarta (Tracing the Lives of Arabic and Javanese Descendent Who Live Outside the JogjakartaPalace) in Anthropology Indonesia, vol. 29, no. 2, 2005.