Prof. Dr. Drs. Terry Mart

Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam


Dr. Terry Mart is a professor of physics at Departemen Fisika, FMIPA, Universitas Indonesia. He was born in Palembang on March 3, 1965. He received his sarjana degree from Universitas Indonesia in 1988 with cum-laude. In 1996 he received Doctor rerum naturalium (Doctor of sciences) from Universitaet Mainz, Germany, also with cum-laude. Between 1997 and 2000 he spent his post doctoral research time mostly at the Departement of Physics, the George Washington University, Washington DC, USA, Department of Physics and Science Simulation Center, the Okayama University of Sciences, Okayama, Japan, and the Institut fur Kernphysik, University of Mainz, Germany.

His current research interests are electromagnetic production of strangeness on nucleons and nuclei, properties of nucleon resonances, production of hypertriton and heavier hypernuclei, and properties of the neutron star matter. One of his theoretical models for the production of strangeness on nucleon called KAON-MAID is accessible via internet at the homepage of theoretical hadronic physics group, the University of Mainz. The model has been intensively used by both theoreticians and experimentalists working on the subject since the year of 2000.

Up to 2009 he has written around 100 scientific papers in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Some of them can be viewed at SLAC-SPIRES or arXiv databases. Two of his papers are included in "the 400 most highly cited papers of All Time in the nucl-th archive", issued by SLAC-SPIRES. In his communities he also serves as the referee for several physics journals, e.g., Physics Letters B (Elsevier), Annals of Physics (Elsevier), Physical Review (American Physical Society), and European Physical Journal A (Springer Verlag). Besides that, he has also written a number of popular articles related to his work, which have been published, e.g., in CERN COURIER and SYMMETRY MAGAZINE as well as in the local newspaper. He is also a member of the International Advisory Committee of the International IUPAP Few-Body Conference as well as the Asia Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics. In 2008 he organized the Fourth Asia Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics at Universitas Indonesia, in which around 100 physicists coming from abroad participated.

At the Departemen Fisika, Universitas Indonesia, he is responsible as the head of the theoretical nuclear and particle physics group. Members of this group include Dr. Anto Sulaksono, Dr. Imam Fachruddin, Dr. Agus Salam, and Dr. L.T. Handoko.

For his outstanding achievements, Dr. Mart has received several awards, including the Habibie (former Indonesian president) award in 2001, the Ganesa Widya Jasa Adiutama award from Bandung Institute of Tehnology (ITB, 2009), and the Outstanding Intellectual Property Award from the Ministry of National Education (2009). He was listed by the Commission of Technology of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in 2008 as one of the leading scientists in OIC countries, and in 2009 as one of the outstanding Southeast Asian scientists by the SEA-EU-NET.