Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.

Tito Latief Indra was born in Jakarta, 10 Agustus 1975. Graduated as bachelor from Geography major faculty MIPA UI in 1998. In 2002 obtained Magister Sains (M.Si) degree at Geography Science, Department of Geography, Faculty MIPA UI. Since 2008 until now was studied at Doctoral Program in Environmental Science University of Indonesia. 

Some of additional courses such as computer course (Operator, Programmer and Analys) at Computer Vocational Industrial Training, Depok in 1991-1992. In 1998 participated in course of Remote Sensing “Introduction to using PCI & Radarsoft Software Course by PT. Sarana Putra Makmur. And in 1999 training “Remote Sensing and Image Processing Using ER Mapper ver. 6.0”, in BTIC-BIOTROP, Bogor.

Research Publications such as, in 1996 doing research on Development of Sensing Training Materials, with PPGTUI and BPPT. Then, in 1997 conducted research studies for the Provision of Land for Industrial Park in cooperation with the PPGT UI and Puslitbang BPN. And in 1999 conducting research about Sensing application development construction for water resources, with PPGT UI and BPPT. Professional organization membership, such as Ikatan Geografi Indonesia (IGI) and Asosiasi Kartografi Indonesia (AKI). In Department of Geography, He give lectures on Basic Geomorphology, Indonesian Regional Geomorphology, and Soil Geography.

 Wassalamu'alaikum wr.wb.