Nazarudin, M.A.

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1 "Comparative Studies of Korean and Indonesian Numeral Classifier-Focussing on 'gae' and 'buah'"
Tesis Pascasarjana, Inha University
2     "Language Policy in Indonesia and Its Influences in Malay Countries: A Historical Point of View Between Colonial and Post-colonial Era"
Dipresentasikan dalam pertemuan KASEAS (Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies), Chonbuk University, Korea Selatan.
3 “Interclausal and Intersentential Conjunctions in Formal Written Indonesian”
dipresentasikan dalam Atma Jaya International Conference on Corpus Studies
4 "The Competition of Religious Terms in Sanskrit and Arabic in Malay Manuscript on Hindu-Buddha Islam Transitional Period of Classical Malay Literature: Study Case Hikayat Marakarma (Si Miskin)"
dipresentasikan dalam pertemuan Global Association of Indo-Asean Studies Conference at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Yongin, Korea Selatan.