Muhammad Budi Prasetyo, S.E., M.S.M.

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1 Risk management for Islamic banks: Recent developments from Asia and the Middle East
Books, John Wiley & Sons
2 Market Structure and Bank Stability: Comparison between Conventional and Islamic Banks in Indonesia
PERTANIKA Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity
3 Diversification and Efficiency in the Indonesian Banking Industry
PDF icon penulis_kedua_12diversification_and_efficiency_in_the_indonesian_banking_industry.pdf
International Journal of Economic and Management
4 The Analysis of Market Power and Bank Soundness on Islamic and non-Islamic Bank Behavior
ICBMR Proceedings
5 Demand for Islamic Pension Funds in Indonesia: An Exploratory Study
ICBMR Proceedings
6 Uji Empirik Crowding Out Surat Utang Pemerintah dan Korporasi di Pasar Modal Indonesia
7 Stock Market Prices and Financial System Stability
8 Stock Market Prices and Financial System Stability
PDF icon ssrn-id3443372_1.pdf
SSRN Working Paper
9 The Role of Capital on Islamic Bank Spin-Offs in Indonesia (2019)
PDF icon 2019_prasetyo_et_al_the_role_of_capital_on_islamic_bank_spin_off.pdf
The South East Asian Journal of Management
10 Pattern of consumption budget allocation by the poor families
Journal of Economics, Business, & Accountancy Ventura
11 Bank run and stability of Islamic banking in Indonesia (2017)
Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance
12 Indeksasi Return Sektor Riil sebagai Reference Rate Bagi Pricing Produk Perbankan Syariah
Review of Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking