Dr. dr. Retno Asti Werdhani, M.Epid

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1 Correlation of leadership and care coordinator performance among primary care physicians
PDF icon jmdh-174917-correlation-of-leadership-and-care-coordinator-performance-a-112618-1.pdf
Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, Volume 2018:11 Pages 691—698
2 Comparison of the Effect of Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy in Sub-Acute and Chronic Stroke Patients
PDF icon 8_modified_constraint_induced_movement.pdf
Indonesian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 3(1), 45-50
3 Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury and Multiorgan Dysfundtion Syndrome
PDF icon ischemicsyndrome.pdf
Research Gate
4 The Effect of Mirror Therapy Compared to Sham Therapy in Hand Motor Recovery in Sub Acute Stroke
PDF icon 7_sham_therapy.pdf
Indonesian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 3(1), 37-44
5 Student Characteristics Related to Their Performances in Problem-Based Learning
PDF icon 3_students_characteristic_on_pbl.pdf
South East Asian Journal of Medical Education Volume 9 Issue 2 Pages 51, 2015
6 Immunization Competence Retention in Medical Students: A Comparison between Conventional Lectures and Lectures with Simulation Method
PDF icon 5_immunization_competence_pi_2015.pdf
Paediatrica Indonesiana Volume 55 Issue 6 Pages 339-44, 2016
7 Gut Failure and Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury: Ileum or Duodenum? An Experimental Study on Oryctolagus Cuniculus Preliminary Report
PDF icon 2histomorfologiileum_jibi.pdf
Jurnal Ilmu Bedah Indonesia Volume 44 Pages 10-13, 2015
8 Pengaruh Latihan Brandt Daroff dan Modifikasi Manuver Epley pada Vertigo Posisi Paroksismal Jinak
PDF icon 2_brand_darrof.pdf
Journal Oto Rhino Layngologica Indonesiana Volume 45 Issue 1 Pages 43-53
9 Studi Eksplorasi Kemungkinan Penyebab Kegagalan Mahasiswa dalam Uji Kompetensi Dokter Indonesia: Studi Kasus di Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Abulyatama
PDF icon 4_studi_explorasi_mahasiswa.pdf
Serambi PTK Vol III no 2 Desember 2016
10 Pelayanan Paliatif oleh Dokter Keluarga
PDF icon pelayananpaliatifolehdokterkeluarga.pdf
Journal of Indonesian Medical Association Volume 66 Issue 12 Pages 541-43, 2016
11 Peran Keluarga dalam Pengelolaan Kasus di Layanan Primer melalui Five Family Oriented Question
PDF icon 6_five_family_oriented_questions.pdf
eJournal Kedokteran Indonesia Volume 5 Issue 1 Pages 18-28, 2017
12 Development of a Care Coordinator Performance Measurement Tool for Indonesian Family Physicians
PDF icon 10_development_care_coordinator.pdf
European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare 2017 Vol 5 Issue 3 pp 317-323, 2017
13 Relationship Between Risk Factors and Activities of Daily Living using Modified Shah Barthel Index in Stroke Patients
PDF icon 9_modified_shah_barthel_index.pdf
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 884, Issue 1, Pages 012151, 2017
14 Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Visit among Tuberculosis Patients in Pulogadung Sub-district Primary Health Centre
PDF icon 11_vct.pdf
Universal Journal of Public Health, Volume 5, Issue 7, Pages 403-407, 2017
15 Association of Knee Pain with Working Position and Other Factors among Dairy Farmers: A Study in West Java, Indonesia
PDF icon rachmi_2018_j._phys._conf._ser._1073_042011.pdf
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1073, Issue 4, Pages 042011, 2018
16 Association of Total Flight Hours with Lipid Blood Profiles among Civilian Pilots in Indonesia
PDF icon chairina_2018_j._phys._conf._ser._1073_042012.pdf
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1073, Issue 4, Pages 042012, 2018
17 Program Evaluation of Near Miss Campaign Toward Changes in Near Miss Report at The Upstream Oil and Gas Company
PDF icon inoky_2018_j._phys._conf._ser._1073_042013.pdf
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1073, Issue 4, Pages 042013, 2018
18 Effect of Back Exercise on the Level of Pain and Disability among Hospital Ward Nurses with Subacute and Chronic Non Specific Low Back Pain
PDF icon fiter_2018_j._phys._conf._ser._1073_062027.pdf
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1073, Issue 6, Pages 062027, 2018
19 Leadership in Doctor Patient Relationship: Implementation on Patient's Case Management in Primary Care
PDF icon 12_leadership_doctor_patient_relationship.pdf
Medical Journal of Indonesia, Volume 26, Issue 2, Pages 158-66, 2017
20 Efficacy of Removable Rigid Dressing After Transtibial Amputation in Diabetes Mellitus Patients
PDF icon 516-1017-1-sm.pdf
Medical Journal of Indonesia, Volume 22, Issue 1, Pages 16-21, 2013
21 Collaborative Progress Test (cPT) in Three Medical Schools in Indonesia: The Validity, Reliability, and Its Use as a Curriculum Evaluation Tool
PDF icon 1_collaborative_progress_test_cpt_in_three_medical_schools_in_indonesia-_the_validity_reliability.pdf
Medical Teacher Journal, Volume 37, Issue 4, Pages 366-373, Published online 4 Sep 2014
22 Grade Point Average, Progress Test, and Try Out's Test as Tools for Curriculum Evaluation and Graduates Performance Prediction at the National Board Examination
PDF icon grade_point_average_progress_test_and_tr.pdf
Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences Vol. 2(12) pp. 1302-1305, December 2011