dr. Tyas Priyatini, SpOG (K)

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1 The Association between Pregnant Women Knowledge Level of National Health Insurance and Antenatal Care Visits in Duren Sawit Primary Health Center 2015
PDF icon icgh_2017_proceeding_update_isbn-min.pdf
2 Incidence of PostOperative Urinary Retention after Pelvic Organ Prolapse Reconstruction Insidensi Retensio Urin Pascarekonstruksi Prolaps Organ Panggul
PDF icon incidence_of_postoperative.pdf
INAJOG , Vol 4, No 3 July 2016 , pp 147-152
3 Incidence of postoperative urinary retention after pelvic organ prolapse surgery in Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital
PDF icon incidence_of_postoperative_urinary_retention_after_pelvic_organ.pdf
MJI, Vol 23, No 4 (November 2014) pp 218-222
4 IIIB-IV Degree Perineal Rupture Repair Using Overlapping and End-to-End Techniques with Pudendal Block Anesthesia (Hasil Reparasi Robekan Perineum Derajat IIIB-IV Teknik Tumpang Tindih dan Ujung ke Ujung dengan Anestesi Blok Pudendal)
PDF icon iiib-iv_degree_perineal_rupture_repair_using_overlapping_and.pdf
INAJOG , Vol 3, No 3 July 2015, pp 154-160
5 Prevalence and risk factors of persistent stress urinary incontinence at three months pospartum in indonesia women (Edy Fakhrizal; Tyas Priyatini dkk)
PDF icon prevalence_and_risk_factors_of_persistent_stress_urinary_incontinence_at_three_months.pdf
Med J Indones. 2016;25:163–70 • Received 13 Mar 2016 • Accepted 19 Aug 2016 Corresponding
6 Use of 2D and multislice transperineal ultrasonography to describe the degree of perineal laceration following vaginal delivery
PDF icon use_of_2d_and_multislice_transperineal_ultrasonography_to_describe_the_degree_of_perineal.pdf
Med J Indones. 2018;27:108–13 • Received 14 Mar 2017 • Accepted 6 May 2018
7 Postoperative Urinary Retention in Total Vaginal and Abdominal Hysterectomy in Benign Gynecological Disorders
PDF icon postoperative_urinary_retention_in_total_vaginal_and_abdominal.pdf
INAJOG , Vol 3, No 1 January 2015 pp 46-50