dr. Dewi Sukmawati, M.Kes., PhD.

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1 Silver Sulfadiazine’s Effect on Keratin-19 Expression as Stem Cell Marker in Burn Wound Healing
PDF icon https://www.biomedicinej.com/biomedicine/vol10/iss2/2/
BioMedicine, 10(2), 5 - 11
2 Medical Student’sPerceptions Toward Integrated Histology Practical Class: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study
PDF icon https://ijhhsfimaweb.info/index.php/IJHHS/article/view/201
International Journal of Human and Health Sciences
3 Skeletal Muscle Response to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in Older Adult Wistar Rats
PDF icon 16jsshs_skeletal_muscle_response_delima.pdf
Pertanika J. Soc. Sci. & Hum
4 Acalypha Indica and Gemfibrozil Lowering Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels in High Fructose-Cholesterol Diet Induced Rats
PDF icon http://www.jidmr.com/journal/http-www-jidmr-com-journal-wp-content-uploads-2019-07-12_2_2019_table_of_contents-pdf/
Journal of International Dental and Medical Research
5 Diabetes mellitus type 2 reduces the viability, proliferation, and angiogenic marker of adipose-derived stem cells cultured in low-glucose anti-oxidant-serum supplemented medium
PDF icon http://www.bmrat.org/index.php/BMRAT/article/view/530/1064
Biomedical Research and Therapy
6 The Healing Effect of Adipose-derived Stem Cell Conditioned Medium on Burn Wound Model
PDF icon adsc-cm_burn_wound-min_compress.pdf
Trends in Biomaterials & Artificial Organs
7 The role of Notch signaling in diabetic endothelial progenitor cells dysfunction
PDF icon notch_signaling.pdf
Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications
8 Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Condition Medium Enhances Expression of Ephrin-B2 Related to Neovascularization in Burn Wound Tissue
PDF icon https://www.ingentaconnect.com/contentone/asp/asl/2018/00000024/00000008/art00139
Advanced Science Letter
9 Prospect of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell culture waste in regenerative medicine
PDF icon http://www.jgpt.co.in/index.php/jgpt/article/view/154
Journal of Global Pharma Technology
10 Oxidative stress tolerance of early stage diabetic endothelial progenitor cell; Dewi Sukmawati, Satoshi Fujimura, Sachie Jitsukawa, Rie Ito-Hirano, Takamasa Ishii, Tadayuki Sato, Ayato Hayashi, Seigo Itoh, Hiroshi Mizuno, Hiroyuki Daida, Rica Tanaka
PDF icon os_abst.pdf
Regenerative Therapy 1 (2015) 38-44
11 Introduction to next generation of endothelial progenitor cell therapy: a promise in vascular medicine, Dewi Sukmawati, Rica Tanaka
PDF icon abstract_online.pdf
Am J Transl Res 2015;7(3):411-421
12 Association between presence in lectures and student knowledge gain in problem based learning: experience in Neuropsychiatry module, FMUI, International Program, Jeanne A. Pawitan, Dewi Sukmawati
PDF icon pbl_mji_paper.pdf
Med J Indones 2008; 18: 131-4
13 Anagliptin, a DPP-4 Inhibitor, Suppresses Proliferation of Vascular Smooth Muscles and Monocyte Inflammatory Reaction and Attenuates Atherosclerosis in Male apo E-Deficient Mice, Nasib Ervinna,* Tomoya Mita,* Eisuke Yasunari,* Kosuke Azuma, Rica Tanaka, Satoshi Fujimura, Dewi Sukmawati, Takashi Nomiyama, Akio Kanazawa, Ryuzo Kawamori, Yoshio Fujitani, and Hirotaka Watada
PDF icon anagliptin_dewi-coauthor_2013_copy_opt.pdf
Endocrinology 154: 1260–1270, 2013