Ir. Abdul Wahid, M.T., Ph.D.

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         Ir. Abdul Wahid, MT., PhD.  is an Asc. Prof. of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. He was born on July 1st, 1967 in Tegal, Central Java. In 1997 he became a member of Sustainable Energy Research Group and Lab., Department of Chemical Engineering UI. He is a member of Faculty of Engineering Senate (2015-2020). He graduated with a B.Eng in Chemical Engineering from UI. He gained a Master  also in Chemical Engineering from UI; PhD degree from Chemical Engineering of UTM Johor Malaysia. He current main teaching and research area includes Chemical Process Control and System Dynamics.

       Ir.Abdul Wahid, MT., PhD. is teaching many subjects of chemical engineering such as  Process control, Process Equipment Design, System Dynamics, Chemical Process Simulation, Physical Chemistry, Calculus, and Linear Algebra. He got a patent of Alat Pengkaya Oksigen untuk Kompor Minyak Tanah dan Proses Pembuatannya (ID0018225). He married to Purnawirawati Dwisiwi, SPd and lives with one son and five daughters. Ir. Abdul Wahid, MT., PhD. also work as an editor of chemical engineering’s book such as Indonesia Energy Outlook & Statistics (2006), Indonesia Energy Outlook & Statistics (2004), Indonesia Energy Outlook & Statistics (2003), and Energy Outlook & Statistics(2000).