Dien Anshari, S.Sos., M.Si., Ph.D.



I have been teaching and studying health communication for over a decade at the School of Public Health, Universitas Indonesia. Ever since, I have been challenging my students, my colleagues and especially myself with the question of how can we use communication strategies to better inform and influence people in making the decision that affects health.

In 2011, under the Fulbright scholarship, I joined the doctoral program at the Department of Health Promotion, Education & Behavior, School of Public Health, University of South Carolina. Since then, I have narrowed my research foci on how to enhance the effectiveness of pictorial health warning labels on cigarette packs as they appeared quite differently in different countries.

In 2014, under a global research collaboration, I had the opportunity to conduct similar health warning study in Indonesia, which has just implemented a regulation of pictorial health warning labels on cigarette packs. From this study, we were able to provide a recommendation for the Ministry of Health on which pictorial warnings would be likely most effective in informing Indonesian smokers and youth about the health risks of smoking.