Drs. Awang Ruswandi, M.Si.

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik
Ilmu Komunikasi


Awang Ruswandi is a lecturer of the Department of Communication for journalism courses either print, television or online media. His expertise is in the journalism and broadcasting. He is also interested to media studies. In addition to lecturing, the man who was born on January 13, 1960 in Sukabumi is involved in research activities and training of journalism and media as well.

In January to March 2009 he obtained a research fellowship from the Oslo University College in Norway to conduct library research. In the same way, he also has attended the International Visitor Program that was hold by US-State Ministry in May 2003 by visiting several universities in the U.S. to study the management of campus-based radio and television stations.

Other international activities which have been conducted by him are international conferences in several countries. Ruswandi has presented papers in the conferences such as:

1.   Women Source Person in the Men-dominated News. A Content Analysis of Local Election News in Four Jakarta's Newspapers (17th Asian Media Information and Communication Center Annual Conference, Manila - Philippines, 14-17 July 2008).

2.   The "McDonaldization" of Television News in Market-Driven Media (Text Analysis of the Eid Mubarak's "Mudik" News on Private Television Stations in Jakarta) (The 7th Biennial Conference of the Pacific and Asian Communication, Selangor - Malaysia, 10-12 January 2009).

3.   Facebook as a channel of New-Mediated Leisure Activities among Young Middle-class Housewives, An Indonesian Case. (18th Asian Media Information and Communication Center Annual Conference, New Delhi - India, 13-16 July 2009.

His academic career at Universitas Indonesia was started in 1989. Besides lecturing, he was assigned to hold some strategic positions within the Department of Communication. Various academic positions at the department have been held. He was a program coordinator for Mass Communication at the Extension Program of Communication in 1995-1996. In the same period (1995 until 1997) he was assigned to coordinate the research and training program at the Center for Communication Studies. In 1997 until 1999 he became a secretary of the Diploma III Program of Communication. After that, in 1999 to 2000 he was assigned to run the Diploma III Program of Communication as an acting chairman. He held that position only one year. Then, in 2000 until 2004 he was a chairman of the Diploma III of Communication. After finishing his task in pure academic area, in 2004 until 2008 he run the Broadcast Center (training center and laboratory facilities of television, radio and multimedia) as an executive director. Presently he is assigned as secretary of the Department of Communication. He held the new task since October 2008.

His experiences were not only in academic area but also in practical sides. He used to be a young reporter at Jakarta’s ASRI magazine in 1983-1984. Ruswandi was also involved actively at the campus-based newspaper Warta UI as a reporter, managing editor, and chief editor (1983-1991). He also combined his capability in research and journalism when he did his job at the Research and Development Institute of Mass Communication (LPPKM) Jakarta in 1985 until 1991 as a researcher and managing editor of the community newspaper Janur Seloka. In 1992 he continued his journalism career as a reporting coordinator at audiovisual production house Pelangi Khatulistiwa. One year later, in 1993 he was assigned as guest writer and editor in LARAS magazine Jakarta.

Recently Ruswandi is a member of the Association of Indonesian Communication Scholar (ISKI) and the Asian Media and Information Center (AMIC) Singapore.