Dr. Basuni Imamuddin, S.S., M.A.

Fakultas Ilmu Pengetahuan Budaya
Departemen Linguistik


Name: Dr. Basuni Imamuddin, MA.
NIP: 001 L 19610308199203
Arab Studies Program FIB UI
Place / date of birth: Jember, March 8, 1961
Religion: Islam
Gender: Male first son of 7 brothers
Rank / Classification: IV / a, start year: 2008
Structural Position: Head of Middle EastStudiesCenter and the Islamic University of Indonesia
Address office: Arabic Studies Program UI FIB UI Depok Campus
- No. Tel. : 021 787 2357
- No. Fax. : 021 787 2357
- E-mail: basuniimam@yahoo.com
Home address: Jl. Karya Bakti No. 2 Rt/02/06 New Land, Beji, Depok
- No. Tel. : 021 776 4182
- No. Fax. : 021 776 4182
- No. HP: 0815 1432 9761
- E-mail: basuniimam@yahoo.com
11. Education
a. S1 Arabic Literature
Higher Education: University of Indonesia
Year of graduation: 1990
b. S2 Arabic Linguistics
College: AL-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Year of graduation: 1998
c. S3 Arabic Language and Literature
Higher Education: University Islamic State Jakarta
Year of graduation: 2008
Position at University of Indonesia:
1) Chairman of the Arab Studies Program Faculty of Humanities University of Indonesia Jakarta, the service 2003-2007
2) Head of Middle East Studies Center and the Islamic University of Indonesia (2009-2013)
Work Experience Outside the University of Indonesia:
1) Ministerial Level Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement to-10 in Bali (liaison officer), accompanied the Secretary General of the Arab League in 1992.
2) Summit (Summit) Non-Aligned Movement to 10 in Jakarta (liaison officer), accompanied the Ambassador of Djibouti to Japan and the President of Sudan. 1992.
3) the official translators Indonesia-Arab, 1995 - Now.
4) the official translator Arabic-Indonesia, 2000 - Now
Teaching experience
              Arabic to level S2
              Arabic VI / Write II for the expression levels of S1
              Arabic V / Write I for the expression levels of S1
              Indonesia-Arabic translation for the stage I D3
              Indonesia-Arabic Translation II to level D3
              Indonesia-Arabic translation for the level of S1
              History of Arabic to level S1
              Leksikologi and Arabic Lexicography for S1 level