Dwi Sulistyorini SE, MM is a lecturer in Department of Management, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia. Her research and teaching interest are in Corporate Finance and Capital Market.

She held a Diploma Degree in Hotel Management from National Hotel Institute, Bandung and earned her Bachelor Degree in Management from Faculty of Economics - Extension Program, Universitas Indonesia in 1992. She finished her master degree, majoring in International Management from Magister Management Program at Universitas Indonesia in 1995.

Prior to joining academic, she worked in various managerial positions at a surveyor company, Citrabuana Indoloka and a financial consultant office, Konsultan Subhan Basuki. Before entering the graduate school, she was a Corporate Finance Officer with the Indover Sekuritas. She was promoted to Saseka Gelora Finance, a multi finance company under the same group, and had served as a Senior Corporate Finance Analyst until 1993.

While working on campus, in 2005 - 2009, she was appointed as Faculty Secretary for the Faculty of Economics at Universitas Indonesia. And since 2010, Dwi Sulistyorini SE, MM is designated as Executive Director at The Indonesia Capital Market Institute; an extensive training and education institute for professional certification in capital market.