Dra. Francisia Saveria Sika Ery Seda, M.A., Ph.D.

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik


Francisia Saveria Sika Ery Seda who commonly known as “Mbak Ery” to her student was born in Jakarta December 3rd 1962. She graduated from Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia in 1987 with thesis entitled “The Hidden Curriculum and Individual Modernity: A Case study of School as Agent of Socialization.” Two years after she got her under-graduate degree, she achieved her master degree in Asian Studies from Cornell University by writing a thesis about “The Politics of Development: A Case Study of The Asahan (Alumininum) Project in North Sumatra (Indonesia)”. In 2001, with dissertation on “Petroleum Paradox: Natural Resources and Development in Indonesia 1967-1997”, she obtained her Doctoral Degree from University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Francisia Saveria Sika Ery Seda started her career in University of Indonesia by becoming a full time lecturer in 1991. She expands her lecturing career in 2001 by becoming a full time lecturer in women studies program, graduate school University of Indonesia. As a lecturer, her fields of study are Sociological Theory, Sociology of  Gender, Sociology of  Education.




She also active in doing many researches and her research interests are Extractive Industries and Resource Economics, Corporate Governance, and Gender and Political Reform