Dra. Evelyn Suleeman, M.A.

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik



Dra. Evelyn Suleeman, M.A


            Dra. Evelyn Suleeman, M.A was born on December 22, 1956. She graduated from Departement of Sociology. University of Indonesia in 1982 (BA). In 1991 she earned her master degree of Family Studies in MichiganStateUniversity, East Lansing. As a Senior Consultant, she is currently responsible for managing and implementing most of the field work carried out by the company, specializing in social science research and consulting. Most of Ms. Suleeman’s activities focus on research, besides also sharing responsibilities in overseeing training activities intermittently carried out by the company, including training in participatory research and advocacy in activities aimed at poverty alleviation through community development.

Ms. Suleeman long standing career in research and consulting over the last 20 years gave her experience with a variety of projects covering a wide range of social issues, and for the past decade increasingly focusing on poverty alleviation and community development through participatory project planning and implementation. Her work has included both primary (survey, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, observations) data collection and analysis, and secondary data analysis drawing on the extensive range of national and regional socioeconomic statistics collected by the Central Statistical Office and other Government agencies. Her work has included monitoring project implementation, designing action plans, as well as developing modules of instruments for measuring project progress. She has also conducted extensive literature reviews on a variety of social issues.

            For the past fifteen years, Ms. Suleeman has also taught regular semester-length undergraduate courses in sociology, social statistics and research methods in the Social and Political Science Faculty, University of Indonesia. More recently her teaching has been extended to responsibility for graduate level instruction in research methods at University of Indonesia. Her undergraduate and graduate university teaching background and various speaking engagements in a variety of situations and audiences has strengthened her background as facilitator in various aspects of social and community development. Ms. Suleeman has many experiences in organizing different activities, from supervising field research for students as well as junior researchers to coordinating and supervising graduate, school administrative tasks as well as managing international workshops and training.