Drs. Ganda Upaya, M.A

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik


Ganda Upaya was born in Palembang November 17th 1950. He gained his bachelor degree from Sociology Department, University of Indonesia in 1987 and obtained his  Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies, Ohio University in 2002. Since 1993 he has become a lecturer at Department of Sociology , University of Indonesia and responsible for teaching courses on Political Sociology, Inter-Group Relations, Introduction to Sociology, and Sociological Theory.

Besides being a lecturer, he also became a Research Staff at Sociology Laboratory Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia and responsible for designing fieldworks, training fieldworkers, coordinating fieldworkers, and writing research reports. As an active researcher, Ganda Upaya has conducted many researches like “Indonesia’s Socio-Cultural ResilienceLaboratory of Sociology-Department of Home Affairs,” in  2006, responsible in Preparing research instrument, FGD, and report writing and “Mapping of External Stakeholders of  UNOCAL Indonesia”, Laboratory of Sociology, 2004 as a  Team Leader of Researchers and responsible for Preparing research instruments, conducting fieldwork, and report writing

Ganda Upaya also actively joints seminars and conferences in order to gained more experience as well as to deliver his experience to the strudents. In 1992 he joined an Economy and Culture seminar in Boston University. In 2006 he joined two different conferences which are Southeast Asia Program Cornell University, April 21-23, 2006 Paper: “Struggle for Independence in Footsteps” and Yale Indonesia Forum Yale University, April 27, 2006 Paper: “Transmission of Charisma From Soekarno to Megawati”