Dr. Muhammad Hikam, M.Sc.

Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam


Muhammad Hikam is a member of the teaching and research staff at Department of Physics, University of Indonesia. He was born in PekalonganHe received his undergraduate degree from University of Indonesia in 1983. He got his Master degree in Physics from Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC, Canada; and in 1992, he received Doctor en Sciences et Génie des Materiaux from Université de Nancy I, Vandoevre, France.

His expertise is about ferroelectric materials, crystallography, and thin film; and his researches of interest are Rietveld Analysis for Powder X-ray Diffraction, Magnetic Structure by MXD, Computational Crystallographic, and Synchrotron Radiation. His present research is Developing Ferroelectric Materials such as Barium Strontium Titanate with Doping Al, Mg, In, Gal and Nb for Memory Application. He has more than 20 publications. He is also member of some professional organization like HFI (Association of Indonesian Physicist), ICDD (International Centre for Diffraction Data) and IXAS (The International X-ray Absorption Society).