Prof. Dr. Ir. Bondan Tiara Sofyan, M.Si.

Fakultas Teknik
Teknik Metalurgi


Bondan Tiara Sofyan is a Professor at the Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. She obtained her PhD from Monash University, Australia in 2003 in the area of materials and manufacturing engineering. She got Master of Science and Bachelor of Engineering from Universitas Indonesia in 1995 and 1991, respectively. Her research is on the development of high strength and high performance light materials for various applications, including defence materials. She was appointed as the Director General of Defence Potential, Ministry of Defence, Republic of Indonesia in 2018-2020. Therefore, the development and the strengthening of Indonesia strategic industries along with the procurement of main military equipment is also her focus. The approach in developing high performance light materials in her research is through microalloying, heat treatment, surface treatment, combining with other materials to form composites, and optimization of manufacturing processes. She has filed several patents, which one of these is on bullet-proof aluminium composites. She also has published a textbook and more than 110 scientific articles. She holds several awards for research productivity and teaching performance.

Current Projects
Al-Zn-Mg Alloy Development through by Thermomechanical Treatment
Shape Memory Alloy Development of Cu-Zn-Al Based Alloy
Development of Brass Alloy for Cartridge Case

Materials Research Society Indonesia (MRS-INA)