Dr. Linda Darmajanti, M.T.

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik


Linda Darmajanti Ibrahim who is currently the Head of Sociology Department was born in Medan April 20th 1954. She graduated in Sociology from University of Indonesia and gained her master degree in Urban Planning from Technology Institute of Bandung (ITB) in 1993. Her Doctoral Degree was achieved in 2002 from University of Indonesia, majoring in Social Capital.

Linda Darmajanti is a full time lecturer in Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia. Her specifications of teaching are Urban Sociology, Urban and Regional Development Planning, Community Development/CSR, Social Planning, and Social Capital. In the middle of her job as a lecturer, she is still involved in many kinds of researches like Research Team and Project Officer for CSR Master Plan P.T. Indah Tambangraya Megah, and Research Team for Mine-closure Plan Project, from social, economic and cultural aspect P.T. Indah Tambangraya Megah.

In 1981, to enhance her ability and experience in her field of study, she joined a social research methodology skill, a joining program between University of Indonesia and University of Leiden. She also participated in academic application for social sciences workshop in November 1996-January 1997.