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Muhammad Salman is currently a lecturer and researcher at Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia especially in the field of Multimedia, Network and Information Security. Salman  holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Universitas Indonesia. He was also a former board member of ID-SIRTII (Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure) and now he is involving as a Board Member of GovCSIRT in the newly established agency, BSSN (Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara). In term of establishing the professional certification program for students, he joins as Council Member and Professional Instructor for Cisco Networking Academy (CCAI). To support the internationally academic collaboration, now he has a role as counterpart and student councelor for International Joint Degree program between UI and Univ Duisburg-Essen Germany.  He also actively involved in conducting and managing ICT Community Development for Bridging the Digital Divide and also Building Internet Security and Safety Awareness. He joins as member of IEEE Computer Society, ISSA, ISACA, ISOC, ACM, CSA and IACSIT. He is also representing as a member of different regional and international forums and committees in information security area including APCERT, ANSAC, FIRST and OIC-CERT, as well as actively participating and delivering speech in several conferences, workshops, trainings including information security, networks, ICT community development, professional education, industry and academic partnership.

Phone/Fax      : 021-7270078, 78885588 / 7270077
Email address : muhammad.salman@ui.ac.id

Works & Activities:
• Full time lecturer in Computer Engineering, FTUI
• Head of Computer Engineering Study Program, FTUI
• Board Committee of Professional Engineer Education, FTUI
• Coordinator for Master Program in Information Network Security Management,  FTUI
• Co-Founder and Board Member of idCARE.UI (Indonesia Cybersecurity and Resilience Center, UI)
• Counselor & Representative for UDE German-FTUI Collaboration
• Board member OIC-CERT as PoC of BSSN (Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara)

Formal Educations:
• Bachelor of Engineering (in Computer Engineering)
   Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.
• Master of Information Technology
   Faculty of  Information Technology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
• Doctor of Engineering (in Information Network Security)
   Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.
• Professional Engineer
   Professional Engineer Education, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia.

Professional Trainings:
• Cybersecurity Leadership Program, IVLP 2017, Washington DC, United States.
• Advanced Security Enterprise Defender (GCED), @SANS Netherland, Amsterdam.
• Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) @Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore
• IT Essential in HW/SW and Network @Christchurch University, New Zealand.
• Fundamental Voice and Data Cabling @Box-Hill Institute-TAFE, Melbourne, Australia
• Cisco Certified Network Security (CCNA Security) @Mapua Univ, Philipine & Cisco System
• Developing Education Content for Mobile Learning @Saga University, Kyushu, Japan
• Network Traffic Analysis and Forensic, @SANS Melbourne, Australia
• Network Security and Incident Response - APISC, TRANSIT I @KISA, Seoul, South Korea
• Security Risk Assessment for Critical Information Infrastructure @JICA, Tokyo
• Network Security and Forensic - TRANSIT II @SurfNET, Utrecht, Netherland

ICT Community Development Activities:
Bridging the digital divide in rural/remote areas in Indonesia and empowering communities by improving the information awareness and ICT Literacy (the pilot target already accomplished in Southern Sumatra and Central&Eastern Java area)

Research Interests:
• Information Security Management and Applications, Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection
• Multimedia Computing, e-Learning and Web based Application

Project Experiences:
• Human Resources Development for Cyber Security Professional Project, Funded by JICA.
• Development of Integrated Internet Security Intrusion Monitoring and Detection System Based on Cyber Situational Awareness Framework, Funded by PTUPT.
• TEIN Project on EDUROAM Development, in cooperation with Chonnam National University, South Korea. Funded by TEIN.
• Wireless-REACH project for Remote Areas. Funded by Cisco and Qualcomm.
• Research on Developing Proactive Protection Tool for Preventing Illegal Access Point Intrusion in Network-based Wireless Environment
• Green Networks: Low Cost Secured Network Infrastructure using Virtualization based Network for Green ICT Environment
• Wireless Intrusion Detection & Prevention System in Chaotic Network
• Key Issues And Challenges Of Intrusion Detection And Prevention System: Developing Proactive Protection In Wireless Network Environment
• Design and Implementation of IDS Server and Web based Monitoring System on Network Admission Control (NAC) for Improving the Network Security
• Design and Implementation of Web based Network Management System to Determine the Dynamic Security Risk Level
• Bayesian Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Method on Intrusion & Failure Detection System

Professional Certifications & Memberships:
• Certified instructor CCNA, CCNP, CCAI in Internetworking Design
• Certified instructor FVDC in IT Infrastructure & Voice-Data Cabling
• Certified instructor SUN UNIX & Java Programming
• Certified instructor CCNA Security
• Certified COBIT5 (Framework for the IT Governance and Management)
• Members of Indonesia Cyber Security Forum (ICSF)
• ISOC Member ID: 300102 (Internet Society)
• ISSA Member ID: 3118713 (Information Systems Security Association)
• ACM Member ID: 9670818  (Association for Computing Machinery)
• ISACA Member ID: 335302 (Information Systems Audit and Control Association)
• IACSIT Member ID: 80343166 (Int'l Association of Computer Science and Information Technology)
• CCAI ID: CSCO10661711 (Cisco Certified Associate Instructor)
• IEEE Member ID: 90351104 (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer)

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