Dr. Mustafa Fakhri, S.H., M.H., LL.M.

Fakultas Hukum
Hukum Tata Negara


A constitutional law specialist with more than 20 years of experience working on governance issues including constitutional reform, legal development, as well as the promotion of anti-corruption in public services in Indonesia. In 2015, he was invited as a visiting scholar in the Northwestern University Chicago-Evanston, USA. He also got an opportunity to conduct a research on constitutional reform in Japan, sponsored by JICA in 2008. His full professional experiences include work as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Indonesia, a consultant for several state institutions including MPR RI, DPD RI, Bappenas RI, LPDP, as well as 3 years work experience as a researcher in the Constitutional Court RI. The work involved high-level analysis and research using comparative approaches. His current activities besides teaching several courses in constitutional law area both for Bachelor and Master program at the University of Indonesia, he also leads the Center for Constitutional Law Studies (CCLS), one of the most influential research centers at the University of Indonesia for its contribution in constitutional reform in the country since 1970s. His experiences in numbers of social activities have also given a mutual partnership for a better network in the future. He wrote his Dissertation on “Presidential Power in Eradicating Corruption: A Study of President’s Anti-Corruption Legal Policy since Independence to Reformasi era in Indonesia”, for his Doctoral Degree at the University of Indonesia.

1. Doctor of Law (Dr), Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, 2012-2019.
2. Master of Law (LLM), Northwestern University School of Law, Chicago, USA, 2005-2006.
3. Master of Law (MH), Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, 2001-2004.
4. Bachelor of Law (SH), Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, 1993-2000.

1. Visiting Scholar, EDGS Northwestern University, Chicago, USA 2015;
2. Sandwich Program, Indonesian Ministry of Education Scholarship 2015;
3. Research Fellowship, Tokyo University, sponsored by JICA 2008;
4. Completion Awards, American Indonesia Educational Foundation, 2007;
5. Fulbright Scholarship, 2005-2006;
6. The British Council Award 2001;
7. The United States Government’s International Visitor Program 2000.

1. Constitutional Law;
2. Comparative Constitutional Law;
3. Constitutional Court and the Judicial Review;
4. Legislation Theory and Legislative Drafting;
5. Parliamentary Role and Election Law;
6. Presidential Power;
7. Human Rights and Human Security.

1. Legal Theory;
2. The Principles of Constitutional Law;
3. Indonesian State Institutions;
4. Law on Constitutional Court Procedures;
5. Constitutional Adjudication.

1. Chairman, Center for Constitutional Law Studies, Faculty of Law University of Indonesia;
2. Lecturer at the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia;
3. Member, Academic Senate, Faculty of Law University of Indonesia;
4. Expert Staff, People Consultative Assembly (MPR RI);
5. Member of Advisory Council, Alumni Association of University of Indonesia (ILUNI-UI).