Dr. Nadia Yovani, S.Sos., M.Si.

Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Politik


Nadia Yovani was born in Surabaya August 14th 1976. She graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in Sociology in 1998 with undergraduate thesis entitled “The influence of group solidarity through the employment satisfactory (Study of case in PT.asuransi BAJ)” by using the Quantitative methods. She also obtained her master degree from University of Indonesia in 2001 by mastering in Industrial Organization. Her master thesis is about “Competitiveness Analysis of Wood Small Enterprises Cluster (Study of case Pondok Bambu-Klender Wood Cluster)”, using the Quantitative methods. Now she is still studying in doctoral program, University of Indonesia, to gain her doctoral degree.

Nadia Yovani started her career as a lecturer in University of Indonesia in 2000. Since then, she lectures some courses such as Sociology of Organization, Sociology of Industry, Organizational Relationships, and Comparison of Industrial Relationship. Since 2002, she has continuously supervised the bachelor students of Sociology Department, University of Indonesia, who have passion in conducting a research that is related to organization sociological issues.

Besides being a lecturer, she is also involved in various research associations like becoming a researcher in Center for Japanese Studies (CJS), and Researcher in Industrial Relation and Organization Research Cluster. In expanding her experience, she edited some books which published by CJS University of Indonesia such as “Batik Trusmi sebuah Kajian Antropologi”, and “The Small Medium Enterprises”. Currently, she is the Head of Information and Public Relation Subdivision for CJS University of Indonesia.