Raphaella Dewantari Dwianto (also known as Riri Dwianto), was born in Jakarta on November 7, 1966.

She graduated from the Department of Japanese Studies, Faculty of Letters (now Faculty of Humanities) in Universitas Indonesia in 1991, earned her Master Degree in Arts in 1995 from the Department of Area Studies, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary and International Studies at University of Tokyo (supported by scholarship of Rotary Yoneyama), and her Ph.D. in sociology in 2001 from Departement of Sociology, Graduate School of Arts and Letters of Tohoku University (supported by scholarship of Monbukagakusho, followed by fellowship of JSPS; and research funding of Monbukagakusho - Kagaku kenkyuhi and Toyota Foundation).

In September 2006, she began her post-doctoral research on local (neighborhood) associations in Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, under the HERMES fellowship from the Government of France, for 6 months.

From April 2007, she continued her research in another country, Japan, and spent 10 months as a research fellow under the felowship of the Japan Foundation, at Department of Sociology in Tohoku University.
In 2011, she -again- won a research grant from the Hitachi Foundation, and continued her research on urban governance in local cities in Japan.

And in 2014, she was granted a research fund from the Sumitomo Foundation to conduct a research on redefining national culture through popular culture, and affiliated as a visiting researcher at The University of Tokyo - Institute of Social Sciences for the research. In 2016, she became -again- visiting researcher at the same institute.

She joined Universitas Indonesia as a full time lecturer (dosen BHMN) in June 2008 at the Department of Sociology, where she she had been giving lectures of urban sociology, as guest lecturer since September 2001. She served as the Head of International Office of Universitas Indonesia, where she enjoyed full profesional support from her colleagues and staffs for approximately 4 years from 2008 until December 2011.

At the Department of Sociology, starting from January 2013 until December 2016, she served as the head of graduate program (master & doctor), while giving lectures on introduction to sociology, Indonesian social system, urban sociology, cultural sociology, media and cultural studies, while also actively supports research programs at the research unit of the department.
Her research interest covers empirical research on urban Asia from comparative sociological point of view, and cultural studies in Asia. Her research has been published in various academic journals through out the world.

While enjoying her academic career, she is also a devoted mother & wife who gets full support from her son (a very bright & polite, yet with good sense of humor eighth-grader) and her husband (a leading Indonesian scholar in economics & rector of a prominent private university in central Jakarta)

She can be reached at: raphaella.dwianto (a)

The following are some of her publications:
Unchanging Fortunes of Jakarta Informal Sector Workers, in Koichi Hasegawa and Naoki Yoshihara eds. (2008) Globalization, Minorities and Civil Society: Perspectives from Asian and Western Cities, Melbourne:Trans Pacific Press, pp. 115-153. (ISBN: 978-1-876843-85-4)

Urban Grassroots in Asian Society (in Japanese language), in Naoki Yoshihara and Koichi Niitsu eds. (2006) Globalization and Asian Societies: the Horizon of Post-colonialism (in Japanese language), Tokyo: Toshindo publishing co. ltd., pp. 263-296 (ISBN: 4-88713-655-2)

Local Constelation of RT/RW: the Case of Menteng Atas (in Japanese language), in Naoki Yoshihara ed. (2005) An Asian Megacity and the Dynamics of Local Community: Around RT/RW of DKI Jakarta (in Japanese language), Tokyo: Ocha no mizu shobo, pp. 77 – 114

RT/RW and a Phase in Everyday Life: on Arisan (in Japanese language), in Naoki Yoshihara ed. (2005) An Asian Megacity and the Dynamics of Local Community: Around RT/RW of DKI Jakarta (in Japanese

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