Prof. Pratiwi P. Sudarmono earned her medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta in 1976. She then received her PhD research course in Molecular Biology from Osaka University, Japan. After returning from Japan, in 1985 she went to Johnson Space Center, USA to follow trainings and earn the payload Specialist Astronaut Certificate. Finally, in 1992 she attained recognition as a Clinical Microbiology Specialist. Currently she is the Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FKUI) and is still an active lecturer of the Department of Microbiology FKUI. In February 2008 she was appointed as Honorary Professor of Microbiological Science in Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia.


Prof. Pratiwi’s primary interest has been clinical microbiology, especially emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Over her 30 year teaching Microbiology in FKUI, she never stops reminding her students that infectious diseases will always be a part of their daily life as a medical doctor, thus, it is principal to understand the importance of clinical microbiology to assure patients’ and community surveillance through early detection and proper management and to deliver prompt treatment and prevent further spreading of the infectious diseases. Furthermore, with the always budding infectious diseases, it is of highly importance to always develop researches in the clinical microbiology field.