Dr.rer.nat. Mufti Petala Patria, M.Sc.

I am a Senior Lecturer in Department of Biology at the University of Indonesia, and has been a lecturer here since 1988. I gained my Ph.D.  from the Universitaet Hamburg, Germany, investigating the neuroethology of krill.  I received my M.Sc-deegre in coastal management from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. I got my Sarjana (BSc deegre) from Dept. of Biologi, Univ. of Indonesia.

I am interested  in ecophysiology, biodiversity and conservation of marine organisms. I teach undergraduate courses (Oceanography, Marine Biology, Physiology of Marine Biota and Neuroethology), postgraduate courses (Marine Ecology, Tropical Coastal Management and Ecophysiology of Marine Biota). I supervise some undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, especially in marine biology subject.

I also serves as chairman of Department of Biology (2008-2012).