Akhmad Syakhroza is a lecturer in Department of Accounting, University of Indonesia. His research and teaching interest are corporate governance.

Akhmad Syakhroza was born in Bengkulu on November 30th 1963.

He graduated from Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in 1987, earned his Master Degree in Accounting, Finance, and Information System in 1991 from Cleveland State University, and his Ph.D in Organization Behavior and Management Accounting in 2001 from Edith Cowan University.

He joined Universitas Indonesia as a full time lecturer in 1990 at the Department of Accounting. He also received his Professor in Corporate Governance in November 2004

Apart from his academic career, Akhmad Syakhroza is a husband to dr. Dian Agrileoda Syakhroza and is a father of Maima Aulia, Maima Wardah, Maima Rizqa, Maima Mahirah, and Adha Fawwaz.