Cuk Imawan is one of the lecturers and staff researcher at the Department of Physics, University of Indonesia. He was born in Rembang on February 5, 1967. S1 degree he received in the field of Experimental Physics from the University of Gadjah Mada. S2 to a degree he received in the field of Materials Physics, University of Indonesia. While he got a Doctorate in the field of Energy and Automation Technology, University of Technology Berlin, Germany with the title of his dissertation was "Modification und Charakterisierung von Gassensistiven Molybdaen-oxid-Duenschicten" denngan Prof. Dr Ing.E. Obermeier as his promoter.

Lecturers are active in various research has been published over 40 research journals both national and international scale. While his area of expertise is the sensor technology, intelligent materials, instrumentation /electronics. Its success so far, he has got many awards such as "Grand Research Postgraduate: Sasakawa Foundation (1995) and the Best Young Researchers, University of Indonesia (2001).