Adi Zakaria Afiff was born in Bandung on August 28, 1961. He graduated from the Department of Accounting. Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in 1985, Earned his MBA Degree at University of Wisconsin in Madison with a double Major in Management Information System and Marketing in 1989 and his Doctorate degree in Marketing at Universitas Indonesia in 2003.

Adi Zakaria Afiff had the opportunity of working at a number of companies such as PT USI IBM Indonesia. PT Procter and Gamble Indonesia and Karim Business Consulting before working full time at Universitas Indonesia. In 2005. Adi Zakaria Afiff became Vice Dean of Non-Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Economics at Universitas Indonesia. After completing this assignment in 2009, Adi Zakaria Afiff became the Head of Graduate School of Management, Faculty of Economics, up to June 2013.

Currently Adi Zakaria Afiff is teaching number of marketing subject in the undergraduate, master and doctorate degree at Universitas Indonesia. His research interest covers areas such as Social Marketing, Service Marketing, Brand Management, Marketing Communication and Consumer Behavior. Adi Zakaria Afiff is married and is a father of two sons and two daughters