Agung Waluyo, was born in Jakarta, 19 September 1969, completed his Nursing S1 degree at the Universitas Indonesia in 1993, Master in Health Care Practice (Nursing) at Liverpool John Moores University in 2000, and PhD in Nursing at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2011. He earned Scholarship of Master education from the Ministry of Health, while doctoral scholarship from "Doctoral Traineeship, AIDS International Training and Research program at the University of Illinois at Chicago". During his Ph.D. study in Chicago, Agung was awarded the "Virginia M. Ohlson Award" of the 2009 Global Health Leadership Office, College of Nursing UIC and the "Distinguish Young Asian Professional Award" from the Asian Chronicle USA TV Program, Illinois, Chicago In 2010.

Agung Waluyo, SKp, MSc, PhD has worked in the Faculty of Nursing (Nursing Program - Faculty of Medicine UI) since 1994. Since PSIK-FKUI became an independent faculty, Agung became a full-time teacher in the Medical Surgical Nursing department Faculty of Nursing Universitas Indonesia (FoN-UI) and became a researcher in the area of ​​HIV / AIDS, Oncology and Human Resource for Health. From 2006 to 2007 Agung served as National Consultant at the WHO office in Jakarta on the Human Resources for Health, Nursing and Midwifery area. Since 2011 he has served as secretary of S3 Nursing program FoN-UI.

Agung and researchers from FKUI and FIKUI have just completed a multi year research Grant Research 2013-2015 from DIKTI KEMDIKNAS on “HIV and AIDS Education Model to minimize stigma for people living with HIV (PLWH) for Medical-Nursing-Midwifery students.” In addition, Agung has also completed an international collaborative research with researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Dr. Gabriel Culbert. From the joint research have been published 4 international publications. The publications can be seen on the publication section above.

The international collaborative research is continuing with the new study titled “Piloting a Medication Adherence Intervention (ATHENA) with HIV+ Prisoners in Indonesia”. This study is started in 2017 until 2020. Approaching to the end of ATHENA study, Agung and his international researcher partner are continuing to a new study on "A Provider-Assisted HIV Partner Notification & Testing Intervention for Prisoners in Indonesia (IMPART)". IMPART study started on mid of 2019 and end at 2022. Both ATHENA and IMPART studies funded by NIH-USA.