I am a lecturer at Computer Science Faculty, University of Indonesia. I am also working for University of Indonesia as the head of Information System Development Division in the Directorate of Information System Services and Development (PPSI).

I am an alumni of ITB (Bandung, Indonesia), Indiana University (Bloomington, IN, USA), and RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia).

Now I am living at Perumahan Jatijajar, Cimanggis, Depok. I hope in the near future I can also live in BSD (Bumi Serab Depok); it is just eight kms from my office at Fasilkom UI. My land in BSD has more than 60 teak and mahagony trees and a number of Mango, Durian, and Rambutan trees. For my retirement, however, I want to live in my future house at BSD (Bumi Singkil Damai) Boyolali.