Ir. Rahmat Nurcahyo, M.Eng.Sc. is currently active as academic staff in Industrial Engineering Department, University of Indonesia. Mr. Rahmat was born in Jakarta, Juny 2nd 1969. He started his higher education in Mechanical Engineering, University of Indonesia and graduated in 1993. Then, he continued his study in University of New South Wales and obtain his master degree (M.Eng.Sc.) in 1995. Now, he is a candidate of doctoral degree in Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

Mr. Rahmat has taught several courses in Industrial Engineering UI, including Industrial Pshycology, Industrial Economy, and Total Quality Management.

Mr. Rahmat is International Register of Certificated Auditors and a member of Ikatan Sarjana Teknik Industri dan Manajemen Industri Indonesia (ISTMI).