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2005 Ph.D Chemistry at University of Aberdeen – UK
2001 M.Sc Chemistry at UNSW – Australia
1997 BSc.hons in Chemistry at Universitas Indonesia

Work Experience
2015 – Now Deputy of Academic Affair, Academic Quality Assurance Board (BPMA) UI
2014 – Now Handling Editor, Makara J. Science, DRPM Universitas Indonesia
2012 Task Force Leader for preparation of SAR AUN-QA, Department of Chemistry FMIPA UI
2012 Committee member of UI Rector Election
2009 – 2010 Secretary of Postgraduate Study Program, Department of Chemistry FMIPAUI
2007 – 2009 Postdoc fellow, Leibniz Institut fur Katalyse (LIKAT) – Germany
1998 – Now Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, FMIPAUI

- General Chemistry (1st-year)
- Inorganic Chemistry: Metalic and Non Metallic Chemistry (2nd-year)
- Inorganic Chemistry: Structure and Reactivity of Inorganic Compounds (2nd-year)
- Solid State Chemistry
- Aluminasilicate Compound
- Cluster II
- Research Metodology (Master Programme)

Academic Achievement
2014 Satya wacana 10 years by RI President
The 3rd best lecturer of Universitas Indonesia
2009 – 2015 Research Core Lecturer Universitas Indonesia
2013 – 2014 PI of “Chemical Safety and Security Enhancement at the Department of Chemistry Universitas Indonesia” didanai olehThe U.S. Department of State’s Chemical Security Engagement Program (CSP)
2004 The British Zeolite Association writing competition and International Zeolite
Association bursaries for attending the 14th IZC in Cape Town, South Africa
Esslemont Group Essay Competition, 1st Prize, Aberdeen University, UK
Winning the 2nd prize for poster presentation in 25th British Zeolite
Association Conference - University Herriot-Watt, Edinburgh, UK

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