Heri Hermansyah  is a lecturer of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia since 2006. In 1998 he became a quality control staff, Swire & Macline Ltd., Jakarta Representative Office. Then in 2001 he became a teaching assistant of Department Chemical Engineering Tohoku University, Japan. In 2007, he became a directur of "Unit Pelayanan Pada Mayarakat" (UPPM) FTUI. Presently, he became a Head of Bioprocess Technology Study Program and Head of Industrial Bioprocess Engineering Research Group. He graduated with a BSc in Chemical Engineering from UI. He gained a Master  also in Chemical Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan. He hold a doctoral programme in  Chemical Engineering from Tohoku University, Japan. He current main teaching and research area includes Chemical & Bioprocess engineering and computer application. Currently, He is teaching  uch as Environmental Science, Pollution Prevention, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Numerical Methode, Bioprocess Technology and Health, Safety and Environment in Gas Industry. His research interest is in the field of Chemical/Bio Reaction Engineering. His current researches are Non alcohol route of biodiesel synthesis, Synthesis DAG, NOx Reduction using Biofilter, Synthesis DME. 




Pak, maaf mengganggu. Saya M B Vimala Dewi, mahasiswi arsitektur interior angkatan 2013. Saya ingin meminta tanda tangan Bapak pada form beasiswa. Apakah Bapak ada waktu luang untuk bertemu?