Prof. DR. dr. Soehartati A. Gondhowiardjo, Sp.Rad (K) Onk.Rad is currently the Head of Department of Radiotherapy, Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital (RSCM), Jakarta, Indonesia, since 2003. Born in 1955, she is married to an ophtalmology specialist (currently one of the director member in RSCM) and has three children and three grand daughter.
She begin her medical career after she earned her medical degree in 1980. She served a community health centre in the Moluccas for 3 years before enrolling into the Department of Radiology, FKUI-RSCM for her specialty training. She graduate as a radiologist in 1987, after which she joined the Division of Radiotherapy in the Department of Radiology and continued further training in the field of Radiation Oncology in the Strahlentherapie Abteilung Wilhelm-Waestfaelichen, Universitaet Muenster – Germany from 1988 to 1989. In 1998, she finished her postgraduate study on EBV and cell proliferation activity of Nasopharyngeal as predictive factors of Nasopharyngeal Cancer (NPC) Radiation Response, and in 2005 was appointed as a Professor in FKUI.
Her particular interest is in the field of radiobiology and molecular oncology. She has attended training courses and workshops on Particle Therapy in 1988 (Essen-Germany), Advances in Clinical Oncology by the UICC (Jakarta-Indonesia, 1992), Basic Clinical Radiobiology by the ESTRO (Tours-France, 1993), Protein Identification with Western Blot in the Eijkman Institute of Molecular Biology (Jakarta-Indonesia, 1994), Cell Kinetic Analysis and Molecular Biology in Cancer in Beatson Institute for Radiation Research (Glasgow-Scotland, 1994), Cancer Molecular Biology in the Department of Radiotherapy and Radiobiology University of Vienna (Vienna-Austria, 1996), Epstein Barr Virus Analysis (Stockholm-Sweden, 1997), and Brachytherapy in Utrecht University (2000) and Tata Memorial Hospital (2002).
Her role in the community is not only just as a service provider but she also actively participating in several organizations of oncology professionals, both at the national and international levels. She is currently the Chair and member of the Indonesian Radiation Oncology Society (PORI / IROS), and Chair and member of the Indonesian Society for Oncology (POI / ISO). At international level she is the member of the European Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ESTRO) and Asian Clinical Oncology Society (ACOS), Vice President of the South East Asian Radiation Oncology Group (SEAROG) since 2007 until now, as well as Executive Committee member of the Asia Pacific Federation of Organizations in Cancer Care (APFOCC).
Her research activities include several topics in radiation oncology physics and molecular oncology, and has resulted in several publications in the oncology literature and several books both as contributor and editor. Her current publications is Nimotuzumab Combined with Radiotherapy Reduces Primary Tumor and Nodal Volume in Advanced Undifferentiated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, published in Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology 2009; 5: 175-180; and History and Growth of Radiation Oncology in Indonesia, published in Biomedical Imaging Intervention Journal 2008; 4(3):e42 whic is available online at; both as the main author.
Her current research includes cooperation with IAEA in pediatric and rectal cancer research, with CIMYM Bioscience Inc. And Innogene Kalbiotech in targeted therapy for cervical cancer, and with NCCS on multidiciplin cancer research in the field of colorectal and head and neck cancer.
Her current fields of interest include Stereotaxy and CNS Tumors, for which she is the pioneer of establishing the first and only stereotactic center in Indonesia, and also Head and Neck Cancers and Breast Cancer,  for which she has been actively sharing her expertise with her colleagues in numerous national oncologic forums.
In addition to organizational, clinical, and research works, she is also responsible as the national project coordinator for several IAEA projects, including Transition from 2D to 3D Radiotherapy and Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy.