Aditya Perdana is director of Center for Political Studies (PUSKAPOL) and lecturer at Undergraduate and post-graduate program, Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Social and Political Science Universitas Indonesia. He teaches bachelor and master students from different courses (Indonesian politics, East Asian politics, European politics, and political research practices). In Summer semester 2014, He was co-Lecturer “Indonesian Culture and Society: The Indonesian Election” at the International Master program Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia, Asian-Africa Institute Universitaet Hamburg Germany.

He gained his bachelor and master degree from Department of Political Science at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences the University of Indonesia. He finished his doctoral degree in political science from the Graduate School Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences Universitaet Hamburg Germany. He wrote his dissertation about women's civil society organizations and political parties relationships in post-Suharto Indonesia.

His expertise areas are civil society, non-government organizations, political parties, gender and politics, political representation and qualitative research issues.

His official email address is