He is an academic staff of Community Medicine Department Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia since 2005 and currently is responsible as the Head of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division. He was graduated from Medical Doctor Program, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia in 2015; Master Degree in Information and Technology from Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Indonesia/UI in 2007
His passion in medical research database management and data analyst encouraged him to learn and bridge two major discipline: medical research methodology and information technology. This background then led him to take the opportunity of doctoral program scholarship about big data and secondary data analysis in health and nutrition research under collaboration of SEAMEO RECFON, Harvard School of Public Health, USAID and Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, and finished it in 2015.
Having more access to nutrition experts’ network, he initiated and supervised some collaboration researches among community nutrition, public health and medical informatics, like development of food photograph applications, cohort online application for nutrition assessment, and supervising obesogenic environment mapping research using Geographical Information System.
As an academic staff, he is responsible for managing courses in Undergraduate, Master, Specialist and Doctoral Degree Program of Faculty of Medicine UI, particularly in the area of research methodology and biostatistics, as well as community, occupational and family medicine. In community development area, he is also managing community cadre development project in 9 cities in Indonesia with national bank to promote health and nutrition education specifically in topics: breast cancer, hypertension, healthy diet and active lifestyle for women at reproductive age and geriatric communities.