Dr. Pandu Riono, MPH., Ph.D

Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat
Biostatistik dan Kependudukan



Dr. Pandu Riono is a Senior Staff at University of Indonesia, Faculty of Public Health, Dept of Biostatistics and Population.


He was graduated from Fac. of Medicine, University of Indonesia, and receiving His Master degree in Biostatistics from University of Pittsburgh.


Now He specializes in  mathematical modelling of HIV/AIDS, TB, STI, HepB/C  and Sexual Risk Network for HIV and STI, and also other Risk Network for Emerging Infectious Diseases. Interest in Bayesian Statistics and dealing with epidemiology issues.


He was receiving some fellowships to study and attend the International Conference on Public Health issues. 


He was the recipient of Fogarty Fellowship to finishing his PhD in UCLA, 2001 with dissertation title is “Sexual Network among Men and STD/HIV Epidemic in Indonesia”. 


He was involved in the regional activities related with Risk Behavioral Analysis Working Group. He is also principal editor for National HIV-AIDS related Risk Behavior Survey Reports since 2002, 2005,  2007,  and until now.


He started the mailing list groups AIDS-INA at 1994, and as a founder AIDS-INA foundation, with the most famous website of HIV-AIDS in Indonesia: http://www.aids-ina.org.


Currently, He is actively involved in the issues of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Pandemic Diseases Research & Surveillance, Quantitative Epidemiologic Methods and Epidemic Modeling, Bias Analysis & Bayesian Methods.